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School clubs and activities

This year the school has tried to ensure children have been taking part in a range of physical activities. After school clubs such as Football, Table Tennis, Rugby, Orienteering and Tennis with the Young Leaders have all proven very successful. Over 75% of the school have taken part in one or more of the clubs offered. The Young Leaders were treated to a once in a life time trip to Wimbledon as reward for all their efforts in helping to coach and support the KS1 children in their Tennis development.

The Sports grant has enabled the school to increase its participation in both cluster and regional competitions. The money has been used to provide transport and allow for cover to free up staff to attend events. This investment has seen a significant impact in the school competitiveness at these events with children progressing from the cluster events to compete regionally in both cross country running and swimming. The school site has seen investment in its grounds with new marking for both the Netball court and a race course for the KS1/EYFS trikes. There has also been significant investment in Table Tennis as this is something the school council decided would provide further opportunity for the children of the school to develop skills, as well as give a physical activity that could be done during wet play times. This is the first year that a table tennis club has been run which was extremely well attended and over subscribed with 68% of KS2 applying to take part.

All children are taken for swimming lessons during years 3 and 4 (with the addition of some children in years 5 and 6 who need a bit more instruction). The children take part in a 10 week swimming programme each Spring term, designed to teach them to be confident in the water.

The school is always looking to engage the children with new activities and seeks to provide a range of opportunities for the children to get involved. Before Christmas a specialist was booked to teach the children some orienteering skills in ‘Hunt the Reindeer’ and a Karate club attended school to give the children a taste of what they could offer outside of school.

Inspirational visits by Paralympian Sean Rose who visited our school and gave the children an amazingly motivational speech about overcoming barriers and fulfilling their dreams. Sean then put the children through their paces in some activities designed to test their fitness.

Finally, we are committed to road safety and work with the county council Road safety team to educate about safe cycling and walking. The hope is that this enables children to develop a safe but active lifestyle.

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