Annual Governance Statement



Annual Governance Statement for the Governing Body of


July 2018


In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all governing bodies, the 3 core strategic functions Carleton Rode Church of England VA Primary school are:

1.          Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

2.                Holding the Executive Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its children;

3.                Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


Governance arrangements

The Governing Body of Carleton Rode Church of England VA Primary school consists of 12 members: 7 Foundation Governors, the Head Teacher, 1 elected Staff Governor, 1 Local Authority Governor and 2 elected Parent Governors.


Of the Foundation Governors, 1 is appointed by The Bishop of Norwich, 3 are appointed by the Norwich Diocesan Board of Education and 3 are appointed by the Parochial Church Council of All Saints Carleton Rode.


The full Governing Body meets once each half term, and we also have committees to consider different aspects of the school in detail. These are a Finance Committee which focuses on finance, premises and some personnel matters; a School Improvement Committee which focuses on assisting the Head Teacher with the School Improvement and Development Plan (SIDP), including its development, ongoing revision and monitoring of implementation and reviewing and monitoring pupil progress and school performance data to ensure that the SIDP is achieving its aims.  In addition to the above some Governors also have specific responsibilities.  See page 4 for a list of Governors and their responsibilities.


Attendance record of governors

Governors have good attendance at meetings and we have never cancelled a meeting because it was not ‘quorate’ (the number of governors needed to ensure that legal decisions can be made).

See page 4 for details of individual Governors’ attendance at meetings.


The work that we have done on our committees and in the governing body

The Governing Body has had another busy year again focussing on stability for the children and staff while looking to the future for our school.  Our appointed Interim Head Teacher left at Easter but, with support from the Diocese and Local Authority we appointed another Interim Head Teacher who started at the beginning of the summer term.  This appointment resulted in us forming a Partnership with Forncett St. Peter Church of England V A Primary School and securing a permanent Executive Head Teacher.  This has also allowed us to balance maintaining our school ethos and the quality of our provision.


The school hall was sound proofed which improved noise level, particularly at lunch times and it is now an acoustically better space for school assemblies and performances to take place in.


The School Improvement Committee has been focussing on monitoring the data with regards to the separate Y2 class each morning to ensure its effectiveness not only for this year group but also the school as a whole.  We are also concerned about our “vulnerable groups” of children and focus on how the Pupil Premium Grant is being spent by the school and what impact this has on their outcomes.


The Finance Committee looks at the maintenance and development of the school premises, and makes decisions about how the school should use the budget.  We have had new gates and access control installed which has enhanced both the children’s and staff’s safety and has been seen as a positive by Parents/Carers.  We have also had new fire alarms installed which flash as well as make a noise.


Our Health and Safety Governor carries out checks of the premises.  Our SEND Governor has regular contact with our SENDCo.  Our Safeguarding and Looked After Children Governor has regular contact with our Safeguarding Leads and our SIAMS Governor works on preparation for SIAMS Inspections.  All of these Governor’s give regular reports to the Full Governing Body.


One of the roles for the Governors is reviewing and agreeing school policies, and this year we have considered a number of key policies, including Data Protection due to the new Data Protection Policy introduced by government, Safeguarding and Child Protection and E-Safety.

Future plans for the governors Monitor and calibrate the budget whilst ensuring the children are offered an education that allows each of them to fulfil their potential.
How you can contact the governing body We always welcome suggestions, feedback and ideas from Parents/Carers – please contact the Chair of Governors, via the school office. You can see the full list of Governors; their attendance at meetings; and more information about what we do, on the Governors’ page of the school website.  Approved minutes of the Governing Body and its Committees are public documents, should you wish to see them please send a request to our Clerk.






Name Role Terms of office Additional Roles Attendance

Neil Parsons

Joint Chair

Foundation PCC 31.08.16            – 01.09.20

Whistleblowing Contact

HT Perf Review Appeals   Advisor

HT Performance Management

Safeguarding contact if Head involved


Critical Incident Link

Steering Group

Improvement Board

Partnership Discussions


Claire Matthews

Joint Chair

Foundation PCC 25.04.18 – 24.04.22



Improvement Board

Critical Incidents Link

Improvement Board

Partnership Discussions


The Rev John Madinda

Vice Chair

Foundation Bishops Governor





Roger Sparrow



Foundation Diocesan Board 19.01.16 – 18.01.20



Steering Group

Contracts contact

Louise Chandler Parent Governor 23.09.16 – 22.09.20


Performance Management

Safer Recruitment


Partnership Discussions

Judith Jones Interim Head Teacher  

Critical Incident Manager

Acorn/Cluster rep

Contracts contact

Performance Management


joined in April

Liz Churchill Staff Governor 02.06.16 – 01.06.20

Curriculum lead


Rachel Seaward Clerk




Imogen Sparrow Foundation Diocesan Board Governor (DBE) Resigned April 2018    
Jenny Cockett Interim Head Teacher Resigned March 2018    


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