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Starting School in Reception

Welcome to Carleton Rode School!  We hope that this is the beginning of a long and successful partnership with your family and we recognise the importance of a positive transition to main school.

Many of you will be already familiar with our school, having had older children here, but for some this will be your first experience of our school and what we do.

During the early summer prior to your child starting in Reception we invite parents to a New Parent afternoon.  This meeting takes place in the hall adjacent to Tiger Class, where your child will be starting school in the September.  This meeting is led by our School Lead and Tiger Class teacher Mr Wheater and will give you the opportunity to find out more about your child’s new school.  We will provide you with further details of our programme of transition activities so that your child is well prepared for starting school here in September.  This will also be the ideal opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere as well as let us know about any issues or concerns that you think we should be aware of.

We provide a Transition Pack in a school book bag which contains:

  • Welcome letter which gives the dates of when your child is able to come into their new class for two taster sessions during June and July
  • School Brochure
  • Read together book
  • Spotty Dogs maths game
  • Chalk board and chalk

We hope that you will enjoy sharing these activities with your child in the summer before starting school.  We will be talking to your children about them in their first week of school.

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