Pond dipping and Fir Covert Wood

The children enjoyed a fantastic day down at Cherry Tree Farm. The sun was out and all the children managed to catch a wide variety of pond life. I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Mrs Matthews for allowing the children to descend into her pond (and make several toilet stops in her house) and Mr & Mrs Sparrow for running the morning and sharing their expertise.

Tiger Class Easton Farm Visit

Thank you to Ruth and her team for a wonderful day at Easton Farm. During the morning session, the children were shown around the farm looking at a variety of farm animals and crops for their Farm to Fork topic. General consensus was that feeding and being in the pens with the lambs was the highlight for both children and staff.

The afternoon consisted of activities that showed the children some of the processes involved in getting the farm produce into usable products.

Butter churning
Flour milling
Extracting the oil from Rape seed.

Tiger Class Baptism Service

Last half term we were finding out about how people show they are Christians. We found out all about the Christening or Baptism ceremony where people join the Christian family.


We chose names for our baby, sorted out parents and Godparents and invited our parents to join us in the church.

img_3712 img_3727 img_3759

Rev. John very kindly agreed to go through the ceremony with us, telling us about the different things he used and what each thing meant or symbolised.

img_3763 img_3771

Afterwards we went back to Tiger class for a piece of special Christening cake.


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