Lion class cooking

This cross-curricular lesson allowed the children an opportunity to use maths (measure) in a practical setting.

KS2 ‘Catwalk’ Show

Watch out Jimmy Choo, the new kids are hot on your heels!

As part of our topic, looking at the history and industries of Norwich, KS2 classes designed and made their own footwear. Each child designed a pair of shoes, then some modifications were made so that the resulting shoe was wearable and could be constructed in school. They started with a pair of basic plimsolls which were then transformed.

On Friday afternoon we invited parents and the children from Tiger class to watch our ‘catwalk’ show.

Partnership Stone Age Day

KS2 travelled to Kenninghall to join them for a day exploring ancient Britain. With the aid of Sally Spade they created a drama timeline mapping out the development of man from the early Stone Age to the Iron Age.

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