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Welcome to the creative writing blog. This is a place where you can share your ideas and try out new writing techniques. You can comment on each other’s writing and share your stories. I can’t wait to get reading!

From Mr Wheater

Creative Writing – Free Write

This half term you get the opportunity to write about what ever you like. Here are some story starts to use if you choose. 1. Icy wind slashed at his face and the rain danced its evil dance upon his head as he tried to get his bearings on the isolated beach… 2. It was […]

Creative Writing – Roald Dahl – Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka is extraordinary. He’s a chocolate-making genius who relishes nonsense. He can’t abide ugliness in factories and he likes to make mischief. This is how Roald describes Willy Wonka, the very first time we see him in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: “How clever he looked! How quick and sharp and full of life! He […]